Appeal Fees Increase Dramatically January 2017

In Realty Tax by Ricardo McRae

The Non-Residential assessment appeal fee is increasing from $150 to $300 per roll number.
After 10 years, appeal fees for non-residential properties have suddenly doubled from $150 per roll number to $300 per roll number for 2017. Residential fees have increased from $75 to $125 per roll number.
There is a $10 discount to E-File appeals. This appeal is what we refer to as a hard appeal. It is filed with the Assessment Review Board (“ARB”). A hard appeal opens the assessment to being increased by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (“MPAC”)

A soft appeal, by contrast, is made to an Assessor at MPAC. There is no filing fee, and MPAC cannot file a notice to increase your assessment.
MPAC are obligated to review your appeal and respond by September 30th of that same year.
New assessments for the 2016 Base Year should be filed prior to the end of the year to avoid the increased cost of filing which take effect on January 1st, 2017.

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