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Project: Social Media Plan
Delivered: Strategy, Design, & Training
Client: Canadian Business for the Arts
Timeline: 30 days

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sold out all 8 events
trained national team to execute plan
highest event attendance rate ever

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“Working with Wedge15 was a fantastic experience. Taking into account our resources, they developed a package that was realistic for our organization to deliver and allowed us to use tools we already had. With Wedge15′s assistance we have been able to increase the profile of our program.Alicia Rose, Client
After completing the planning, design and construction of an online education tutorial for the organization, Business for the Arts approached Wedge15 to help them plan the online engagement for their upcoming BoardLink event. BoardLink invited young professionals to meet Arts Organizations and pair the two groups to work together on the Board of an arts organization. BoardLink is to Arts Board partnering, as e-Harmony is to dating.

The results from this project were impressive. All eight events across the country were filled with more volunteers than any other year prior, online engagement and social media sharing was at its highest and both participation in, and awareness of BoardLink, grew in each local community.



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