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Project: Branding Strategy
Delivered: Strategy, Design, Branding
Client: Clean15
Timeline: Two years


Top 3 Results
partnerships with N.A.S.A and Procter & Gamble
$60k in awards
clarity on core messaging


“Wedge15 has worked with my company on our re-branding project and their insight and advise was critical to its massive success. Wedge15 were able to take all of our thoughts and values and translate them into our brand. They are  talented and deliver on time, every time. I have recommended Wedge15 for many jobs and will continue to do so. I believe that they are a tremendous asset with respect to branding, websites and business advise.”Dwayne Matthews, Executive Director of d&a Canada
In 2009, Clean15 and Dwayne Matthews hired Wedge15 to build his brand, website, online presence and his core messaging. Clean15 is a leader in open innovation and clean technology proliferation. It connects sophisticated large Global 1000 company clients, small and mid-sized companies, joint ventures and licensing opportunities to clean tech providers and companies.



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