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Project: Brand Identity Guide
Delivered: Strategy, Design, & Training
Client: Canadian Media Production Association
Timeline: 45 days

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grew followers 1000+
klout influencer score of 50 in 90 days
grew the brand from Local to National

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“Working with Gloria and Ricardo, I always felt like I was in expert hands. They provided clear strategic guidance on our vision and how to best reach our audience. Now when I create editorial content and curate our ‘Eye On Canada’ social media campaign, I know exactly what to share and I have fun doing it! I highly recommend their brand identity guide!”Lindsey Vodarek, Client
The Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) invited Wedge15 to facilitate a roundtable dialogue with 25 Media Industry executives from the #EyeOnCanada Working Group.

This group was assembled to build online relationships and engagement between the media industry and the Canadian consumers. The intention of the roundtable was to bring all parties up-to-speed on the origins and objectives of the #EyeOnCanada campaign (currently on Twitter, Facebook and EyeOnCanada.ca), share the experiences from promoting the brand on social media, and discuss the steps required to grow its reach and influence.

Following the successful roundtable with 20 Canadian media executives, CMPA engaged Wedge15 to develop a Brand Identity Guide and social media plan that would support the Eye On Canada campaign to grow through social media, nationwide. After 45 days, the campaign took off and has grown to thousands of followers and grown in influence across Canada.

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