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Project: Social Media Strategy
Delivered: Strategy & Training
Client: Cup of Local Sugar
Timeline: 90 days

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client confidence
international remote training
social media commitment

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Best money we’ve invested to date and its already helping our company get to the next level. Wedge15 streamlined our online strategy and helped us understand how to best execute it!Rebecca Stasko, Cup of Local Sugar
Cup of Local Sugar (CoLS) connects travellers with knowledgeable local people in destinations around the world. Its Locals invite Travellers to share in various Experiences that they have designed from meeting up for coffee, to joining them for a hike, to sharing a meal in their home.

Choose to Taste, Play, Explore, or Chat abroad. CoLS hired Wedge15 to design their social media strategy and then train the company to execute it internally. And it was all done entirely through Skype between Toronto and Milan. A virtual client success. In the end CoLS was executing their social media with confidence on Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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