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Project: Branding Campaign
Delivered: Social Media Strategy, Branding
Client: The University of and City of Toronto
Timeline: 4 months


Top 3 Results
doubled social media engagement
strategic multimedia storytelling
international acknowledgement


Wedge15 was our social media team leader, co-producing our online videos, website, and social media plan. Talent and professionalism put them head and shoulders above others pioneering in this field. I recommend Wedge15, highly.”Carolyn Taylor, Co-Producer
2011 marked the centenary of the birth of Marshall McLuhan, so The University of Toronto’s McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology officially joined forces with The City of Toronto’s Economic Development and Culture Division and Mozilla in July 2010 to claim McLuhan, his theories and his role in the emergence of our great international metropolis.

McLuhan100 hired Wedge15 to lead their social media, video, and online communication efforts. We consulted on the online communications, spearheaded a series of video projects and managed the social media strategy until the end of 2011.



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