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Project: Business Makeover
Delivered: Strategy, Design, & Training
Client: Melissa Vassallo
Timeline: 1 year (ongoing)

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doubled speaking engagements
doubled social media following
doubled media coverage

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“Gloria and Ricardo exceeded my expectations. They developed my online identity and presented me and my services better then I could myself. I’m so grateful.”Melissa Vassallo, Client
With aspirations to become an international speaker on issues surrounding disability and healthcare, Melissa Vassallo hired Wedge15 in the summer of 2012 to execute her “digital makeover”. With a four-year-old website, zero social media presence and an email list of 700 contacts, Ricardo and Gloria built Melissa’s online brand, logo, website and content, business cards, social media presence and shot two video reels for her, within their first 90 days together.

What is more, she has since received paid speaking gigs, was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal, and invited to work with the Princess of Essex on a social cause near and dear to her heart. This would not have been possible without a modern and authentically branded presence made possible by our digital solutions. It’s Wedge15’s unique training that empowered Melissa to manage her brand, both online and offline, moving forward.

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