Feedback from our clients.

"Thanks very much for that explanation. It's helpful to know the expected timing of the tax payment changes, in case we need to follow up with MPAC or the City. We will call them with respect to the 2019 refund once the document is sent in. Once again, thank you for your support with these reductions. It will help our organization greatly!"

~ Brenda Patterson, Chief Financial Officer, Thrive Group Support Services

"Rae has been working with Sleeman Breweries Ltd. since 2008 helping to produce quarterly savings since that time and has acted on our behalf through two rounds of MPAC assessments for our Guelph facilities. Rae has proven to be thoroughly professional and respectful in his relationships with both the City of Guelph and MPAC and has represented us admirably. Rae has also acted for us before BC Assessment for our facilities in Vernon, British Columbia and has supported us in tax matters in Quebec. We look forward to maintaining a beneficial partnership with Context Realty Advisors. "

~ Jeff Dahl, Business Risk Manager, Sleeman Breweries Ltd.

"Thanks for sharing the good news. Keep me posted with Phil’s comments and further reductions we can push for. And a big thank-you for your dedication and hard work. I’m very impressed with your results! Let’s keep up the great work!"

~ Grant Gorchynski, Chief Operating Officer, Lisgar Commercial Real Estate (Nov. 2020)

"Thank you for taking the time to summarize all of that. It re-confirms your level of professionalism and I greatly appreciate it."

~ Grant Gorchynski, Chief Operating Officer, Lisgar Commercial Real Estate (Jan. 2021)

"We have been working with Context Realty Advisors for almost 10 years. One of our sites is fairly complicated, as it is situated over the subway line and incurs extraordinary costs. Rae has understood the unique elements of our property and has been able to communicate them to MPAC. He was able to settle two reassessments in one appeal, giving us eight years of property tax reductions for the price of one. In our current round of negotiations, MPAC has already reduced the reassessment, saving us $170,000, while the appeal is still underway. He has also proven to be a valuable consultant and resource on other matters related to our real estate investments. I would strongly recommend Rae Buchan and Context Realty Advisors – Property Tax Group."

~ Michelle Glied-Goldstein, Summerhill Real Estate Group

"Rae has been able to successfully reduce property taxes year after year, and has saved us millions of dollars since we first engaged his property tax advisory services. Rae has been helpful in not only reducing taxes, but making sure that they are properly apportioned in order that our refunds are optimized, all while doing this in a timely manner with a 22% reduction within a year and half in one case. Furthermore that same settlement included an appeal for the next tax year which reduced assessment even further, which I understand, is unusual but for us, it was a welcome reduction. Rae has developed excellent contacts and has been able to refer us to lawyers with planning property tax expertise as well as retail market study specialists."

~ S. Michael Belcastro, President, Doral Holdings Limited

"We were able to work closely and successfully with Rae Buchan, AACI, President of Context Realty Advisors (“Context”) who stickhandled the stages of property tax issues for our redevelopment. We were responsible for transforming a large, former heavy industrial site with old buildings into the newly renovated McMaster Innovation Park (MIP). It serves as an incubator for leading edge technological and software development and applied research and is associated with McMaster University. This was complicated, but Context was able to very quickly identify the issues, and then get the assessors to meet, and review the issues with us, so that they could make the necessary changes to the errors that they were making. Over and above the actual issues, Context also provided us with additional opportunities for property tax reduction for our review and consideration. Their service was timely and helpful. We were able to maintain an excellent relationship with the Assessors (MPAC) and with the City’s tax department, and achieve every available opportunity for tax reduction. I wholly recommend their property tax advisory services."

~ Mark Stewart, Marketing & Leasing Manager, McMaster Innovation Park

"I was the CEO of the Fort Erie Racetrack and had direct involvement with the property tax issues and negotiations which led to a $2 Million reduction. This far exceeded what we thought possible. Rae together with property tax counsel Stephen Longo were able to take all of our business issues and convert them into Assessors Speak. I found Rae to be able to explain the taxation issues with ease and he was able to work with the assessors in having them see the reality and have them work collaboratively rather than from a litigation point of view. This sped up the process and facilitated an excellent relationship for going forward with future assessment issues. I recommend Rae Buchan AACI President of Context Realty Advisors for providing professional and timely property tax services."

~ Bonnie Loubert, Fort Erie Racetrack

"We engaged Rae Buchan of Context Realty to assist us with property tax appeals on all of our properties. Rae was brought in because our incumbent provider was trying to take advantage of a specific situation with regards to fees. Rae did the exact opposite. He recognized right away that the obvious refund available wasn’t something that he should benefit from and instead earned his income by obtaining us additional reductions. Rae was able to wrap up the process very quickly and efficiently. We enjoy working with Rae and have found the service levels to be second to none."

~ Jeff Cockshutt, Vice President, Finance, Tandet Management Inc.

"Our property tax Lawyer, Stephen Longo, of Borden Ladner Gervais, recommended that we engage the services of Rae Buchan and Context Realty in order to develop the strongest case possible in our fight against MPAC's 322% retroactive property assessment increase received in late 2011. Together with our lawyer and architect, Rae gathered appropriate research and developed strategies to insure a successful settlement in our favour. The results have been exceptional, with an $800,000 return of their retroactive charge against us and a considerable reduction in our current rate up to 2016. I would certainly recommend engaging Rae as part of a team to defend any organization against the potentially damaging effects of an unfounded reassessment by MPAC."

~ Greg Taylor, Co-Founder, Steam whistle Brewing

"The assessor (“MPAC”) served us with a Notice to increase the value on our development site by 171%. Mr. Buchan of Context Realty Advisors was engaged through a referral of our property tax lawyer Stephen Longo (WalkerWestLongo), with a hearing looming in three months. They were able to quickly generate an immense amount of market based data, and pro forma development evidence to show that MPAC’s Highest and Best Use assumption was completely unjustified. Based on a rapid series of actions & negotiations they achieved a reduction which was 33% below our original asking position. As I understand it, MPAC never changes their cap rate, but they did in our favour this time. Subsequently, we have engaged Context Realty Advisors to handle another development site for us."

~ Lloyd Cherniak, Executive Vice President, Lebovic Enterprises Limited

"Mr. Rae Buchan of Coopers & Lybrand Consulting, having been recommended to us, was hired to come on board a new team we formed to continue the realty tax appeal of our commercial property in Toronto in 1993. This was after our appeal, having been initiated in 1989, had dragged on for years without progress while in the hands of another tax consultant. Mr. Buchan’s willingness to consider unusual and innovative approaches to the issue and in particular to participate in challenging the “level” set by the Province of Ontario’s Assessment Department was a key factor in bringing the appeal to a successful conclusion and our winning. A favorable decision before the Ontario Municipal Board in December 1995. We have been most satisfied with Mr. Buchan’s assistance in our tax matters and that of his support staff at Coopers & Lybrand Consulting and would not hesitate to recommend him to any property owner looking for a consultant who is willing to look beyond the mold in dealing with challenging assessment issues."

~ Rena Miller, Property Mnager, 555 Richmond Street West

"As a member of the Executive of Fair Assessment Coalition…Toronto (FAC…T), I was responsible for engaging the services of a property tax consultant to assist the CRU or specialty retailers in its role as a stakeholder in negotiations with the Province of Ontario and anchor retailers concerning the shifting of assessment in 32 Metro Toronto Malls during 1995. We interviewed a number of well respected consultants in the industry and found Mr. Buchan to be the most open minded and creative in his approach to the issue we were dealing with. Others advised us that we likely couldn’t change the apportionment because that was the way it had always been done. Mr. Buchan was prepared to work with us to find a new way to approach this issue and never suggested we “couldn’t” pursue a different direction. In the end FAC…T was able to negotiate a compromise solution with the other stakeholders and I believe that our ability to go in with an “outside the box” proposal helped achieve this compromise. I would recommend Rae Buchan and Coopers & Lybrand Consulting to others who are looking for a tax consultant that is prepared to work with the client to achieve their goals."

~ Sharen Cain, Director of Real Estate, Shoppers Drug Mart